Stephen R. Foster

Education takes a school village.

Join me in supporting innovations in education! Learn more from the links below. Then click here: I'm ready to join

If you can read, write, and use a computer, you have what it takes to be part of the village. We have spots for:

  • Educators-in-training (no experience required). We'll train you for free.
    • Time commitment. 10 minutes per week.
    • Contribution. Help out in online classes. I'm ready to join!
  • Guest Educators. Is there something you know how to teach? We'll help you do it online.
    • Time commitment. 10 to 60 minutes per week.
    • Contribution. Lead online educational experiences that last from 5 to 10 minutes. I'm ready to join!
  • Education Architects. Have a degree in education, learning science, and/or 5 to 10 years of experience in an education-related field? Be part of our data-driven design process.
    • Time commitment. 10 to 60 minutes per week.
    • Contribution. Help design new online educational architectures. Collaborate with us to take ideas from the drawing board to groudbreaking online classrooms that students, parents, and educators love (See the videos below). I'm ready to join!
I'm ready to join!
I'm ready to join!

I've put together the following videos to help tell it. When you're ready to change the world: I'm ready to join!

The Dyad

Splitting one room into two opens up incredible possiblities for metacognition and assessment.

The Sorting Hat

A single meta-room makes life easier for everyone: Students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

The Choose Your Own Adventure

Giving students a choice becomes not only possible, but trivial with digital classroom architectures.

The Guest Star

It only takes 5 minutes to vastly improve student experience. A guest star can transform multiple classrooms.

The Tag Team

Two teachers can do the same amount of work with half of the prep time. And students like it better.